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Selective Color to B&W Photo


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I am a new user with the most current version of PhotoPad as of March 25, 2022.  Selecting Colorize under Retouch, then selecting my desired color, then selecting the Brush setting (as opposed to the adjacent Eraser setting) and sizing the brush, my objective is to selectively add color accents to a black and white photo.  The section of the photo I am attempting to highlight with a vibrant gold color is a perfectly straight, vertical seam in a pre-fabricated concrete wall; this stands out in the original as a very distinct line of shadow.  However, when applying the brush, instead of adding the vibrant gold, it is erasing the seam without adding any color.  I have toggled back and forth between Brush and Eraser to make sure that I was not inadvertently using the Eraser.  Am I doing something wrong, or does this system have a bug that is preventing the selective application of color without erasing the underlying image?   

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