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Selection of Video Input


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I'm using StarTech pexhdcap2 as video grabber card. It has one DVI input for video.

When installing Debut it finds the pexhdcap2 card OK as a "Webcam", and it always seems to select the video input in the properties - Video Tab - Device Settings - as 1 - HDMI and even though the pexhdcap2 doesn't have a HDMI input, anyway Debut shows and records video from the DVI-D input.

The problem comes after one or more restarts of the hosting pc - at some point there is no picture in Debut and the 1- HDMI option is grayed out, but still selected.

I then have manually to go to the input setting and select the 2 - DVI-D  input, then the picture comes back and it also stays at the 2 - DVI-D input after restart.

THE QUESTION is: Is there anyway the 2- DVI-D input can be automatically selected during installation OR after installation by scripting - perhaps by setting a Reg.Key or editing some configuration file?

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