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Jump in location using Scale - image effect


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There is a strange "jump" in the location of an image when using the scale function within image effects.

I have put an image as overlay with the following parameters:

  • Horizontal (ratio): 0.24
  • Vertical (ratio): 0.24 (kept aspect ratio)
  • Base X: 88.00
  • Offset X: 0.00
  • Offset Y: 0.00
  • BTW Picture size: 3840x2160

And now it jumps strange for the Base Y parameter.

It seems ok if I put the Base Y -87.00 ..... -87.90 and -88.10...

But I cannot get it on the right location for -88.00 --> it jumps back to base Y = 0.00

Other people noticed that also?

[I'm using version 11.17 of VideoPad)

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