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Foot pedal acting like right mouse click


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After updating my Mac's OS to Monterey 12.2 (the latest OS for Mac), the center section of my AltoEdge foot pedal is acting as a right click mouse. IOW, when I hit the foot pedal to listen/transcribe, a splash screen (drop down menu) appears on my Word document. The only way to eliminate this is to take my hands off the keyboard and move my mouse. 

Would resetting the foot pedal solve this highly inconvenient problem, and if so, how would I do that?

This is urgent ...I have documents due today ... thanks for any help!

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My foot pedal did the same thing.  After stressing out for a bit, I went under preference for the express scribe and changed the play to the right pedal.  It is a little different, but at this time it seems to be working.  I did order an Infinity USB 3, but for now this is acceptable. 

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