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How do i split long files


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Hi i am a new user of WavePad and i need a little help please.

My main use is to record audio books on tape to Mp3 format, this i have been able to do but the audio books are several hours long and i would like to split resulting file into small tracks and have severa;l smaller files rather than one long file.


Is there a way in wavepad to split files automaticly please into say approx 30 mins per file instead of one form say 3 hours.


some someone can help please.

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WavePad doesn't have the automatic splitting file feature. However, you can use our new product called Slice Audio Splitter, which is available to download at http://www.nch.com.au/splitter, to perform all these kinds of tasks. It is free.



Thank you i will give it a try, Its the only thing missing from Wavelab as i need to use it.


Thank you again.

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Hi there,


Why not do this:


1) Edit out the content you don't want; do a Save As with new file name.


2) Open the original file again; edit out the content you don't want; do a Save As with new file name.


That would give you two files, split apart however you like from the original.



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I am a new member and I have the following problem,

I have via nero soundtrax a lp into mp3 file digitized.

How can I make of this separate tracks?

I tried it with slice audio splitter but i dont understand treshold and duration.

Please help.


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Guest Alex Chapman

It should be pointed out that WavePad does have some file splitting features, just not one to automate splitting a file into specific lengths. Check out the 'Split' dropdown item on the 'Edit' tab. It has the following:

  • Split file at cursor
  • Split file at silences
  • Split file at bookmarks
  • Split file into its component channels.

The first three of these could be used to split a long audiobook into separate pieces. You could manually find points at which you want to split the file, and use 'Split file at cursor'. Or you could bookmark each place you want to split the file (use descriptive bookmark names, such as 'Chapter 2'). Or you may even be able to use 'Split file at silences', setting a low threshold and long duration. The low threshold says "don't split unless it's really quiet", and the long duration says "don't split except when there's a long pause". If your reader pauses at the end of each chapter then this may work.

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I have split files successfully into nn equal size files. My problem is then saving them. I can only save them one at a time. Each one has to process before I can save the next. A large audiobook can have a hundred or so files.

There is also a maximum number of files that can be open at once. I solved this by splitting the original eleven hour MP3 file into four equal files, then splitting each of these into equal ten minute files. Very tedious.

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