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wv to flac -- no sound

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Hi - I just converted several wv files to flac using version 9.53 (home, unlicensed). The conversion succeeded and the files run in foobar, but there's no sound. The audio for the wav files seems fine and there are no other audio problems here beyond these converted files. What am I missing? Thanks,

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No sound with mp3. Uninstall (RevoPro) and reinstall didn't solve it. Strangely (or not), the files converted to flac are about 30% the size of the wv files, e.g., 140 mb to 40 mb. Makes me wonder if the audio is being stripped or not picked up on the conversion.

Afterthought: Must be something with the wv files, since the Oppo should play them and isn't. But then why they play in foobar but the flac's don't, is a puzzle.

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