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Accessible item Database from several account


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I purchased Inventoria for my small company couple days a go , so I'm new and I need some help please.

I want to install Inventoria on six PC with one Administrator and the item database should by shared with all PCs.

Should I instal it on the server (windows server) or I could just install it on my PC and host the items list on the server.




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Hi @AhmedSaad,

All NCH software licenses are single-user licenses. This means that the license can be used only on one computer/user profile. The license can be transferred to another computer twice every 12 months, but you can not use one license on multiple computers.

If you want to make your software accessible to multiple users in different locations you can use the Web Access feature which is included in Inventoria Corporate Edition.

For more information about the Web Access feature please check the video tutorial from the following link:

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