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Black Screen when doing screen capture


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I had an older version, something like v6.4, which was working perfectly until recently. I started it up today and the screen capture was flickering. It had never done that before, so I thought maybe with a restart it would fix itself. Negative. So, I looked for an update - and lo and behold there was an update. So, I updated, paid for the new license (because why not?) and NOW all I have is a black screen on screen capture. I can see the mouse when I turn on "show cursor" and my webcam capture works just fine. 


I'm using Win 11, i5-9600k, with 16Gb RAM.  Anyone out there have the same issues or a workaround?  Thanks.



EDIT: I've discovered that Debut doesn't play well with 3 screens attached to the GPU. Unplug just one screen and the screen capture comes back, bright as day. Is this a shortcoming of the software? Or is there a way to make it work with 3 screens?

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Do you mean you are working with multiple monitors? If you have multiple monitors, you can move the Debut window into the monitor that isn't the record monitor. For example, you can select the primary monitor as the record monitor and move the Debut window into the second monitor, the preview video will be enabled.

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No, I do not mean that. That's how I already have it set up. I mean this: when a third monitor is attached to the computer, the software will not operate properly. On the older version, it "blinked", showing the monitor it was recording in blips. With the newest software update, all it shows is a black screen.  But the moment I disconnect the third monitor, the software shows the recorded monitor perfectly. It's as if the software doesn't know what to do when there are more than two monitors attached to the video card. Which, in a terrible way, makes sense when you can only select "primary" and "secondary" monitors in the recording settings.

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