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MIDI notation input - how to split grand staff notes into treble and bass clef automatically?


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Hello all:

1. I've been using Crescendo for quite a while (manual notation) Recently, I've been experimenting with MIDI notation input - how do you split grand staff notes into treble and bass clef automatically - and set split point for stems up and down?

2. another question: after 'improvising' a tune into Crescendo with my MIDI keyboard - is there a way of selecting the whole score and 'quantizing' the notes to, say - an eighth note? (to correct bar overlap due to MIDI lag, etc)

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Hello Felix Felix, but sadly, Crescendo does not offer the option to convert a grand staff into treble and bass.

About the MIDI quantization, you can set it before you start creating MIDI files, but Crescendo does not have an option to quantize the file after you load it.


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Well, this would seem to be sad, and certainly a real problem (at least for me) - since many of us improvise or scratch ideas from a keyboard using both hands and four part harmony and would kind of expect the input notes to 'flow' into the selected 'Grand Staff' in Crescendo - with (at the least) - a selectable 'split point' and the ability to set all the treble clef notes (let's say from Middle C up) to the treble clef with stemps pointing up - and the notes below Middle C to flow into the bass clef - with the stems pointing down. Seems like it shouldn't be that hard to set up as a template or 'macro'.

As for the quantization - certainly I can set it before I start to 'play' into the program - but I'm talking about a way to smooth out notes to stay WITHIN the bar-lines (even if it is a bit arbitrary)...so there aren't so many slurs across barlines and so many dotted rhythms.

Finally, is there no way to select the whole score after input and remove - lets say - an eighth note rest (or other value) at the beginning from both clefs - to compensate for the latency whilst inputting from the MIDI keyboard?

I am a bit disappointed, since I was certain that your otherwise excellent program would have these useful features for people like me that wish to use it as a scratchpad for ideas and who are pianists. I don't expect 'Finale' for the low price - but certainly wish it had these features. If there was a 'deluxe' version with the features listed above, I'd certain pay a premium for that version.


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