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I teach music theory and have some questions about Crescendo.

1. Can I control which direction the stems go?  For 4-part chorale writing the soprano stems go up, the alto stems down, the tenor up, and the bass stems down no matter the register of the note head..

2. I can't find the symbols for half-diminished or fully diminished chords. Does Crescendo have them? Ø  

3. I need the symbols for harmonics on stringed instruments (they look like diamond note heads).  Does crescendo have them?  

4. I need the thumb symbol for bass and cello fingerings. Looks like ϙ . This is different from the Bartok pizz Crescendo has which inverts when it is about the note. Does Crescendo have this?





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2 hours ago, elk said:

1-Right click on the note you want to change > Stem > select Up or Down.

For the other questions you have asked, sadly, Crescendo does not include those options or it is not possible to do it. NCH Software formally takes suggestions or feedback about products through the form at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/

OK, thank you, elk!

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