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Fast thoughts on the express pass


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I know that standard lines are often long, 60+ minutes, so I knew I wanted either the express pass or the RIP tour. I was a smidge anxious getting the express pass because I read in some reviews that it might only save half the time, but I decided to give it a shot instead of RIP given the cost delta (express pass was $80, RIP was $300).

In short, I'm glad I did the express pass. It made it very easy to explore all 10 houses. I saw lines get as long as 120 minutes, and most of the evening it seemed like at least 1/2 the houses were 50+ minutes.  https://nox.tips/

The longest I waited with the express pass was 20 minutes at a house with a posted wait time of 80 minutes. That was also the longest by far, the next longest was only 10 minutes. Across the 10 houses, I typically waited ~10-20% of the posted time.  https://xender.vip/

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