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"Select a window" doesn't let me select a window, just a window's area.


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I'm running Zoom, a small teleprompter window (Speakflow) and Deput Professional in Windows 10. I want Debut to record the Zoom window only (not the Speakflow window).

I start a new meeting in Zoom (just me).  I "restore" the meeting window (which initially maximizes by default).

Then in Debut, under "Select recording window" I click on the second icon, "Selects the window under the mouse cursor."  Then I move the cursor to hover over the Zoom meeting window and left-click (which maximizes the Zoom meeting window).

But when I move the teleprompter window over the Zoom meeting window (still maximized), and then alt-tab to Debut and begin recording, the teleprompter is captured in addition to the Zoom window.  And when I alt-tab back to Debut to end the recording, Debut is also shown in the recording before I hit the Stop button.

It's true that with the Zoom meeting window selected in Debut, nothing around that window shows in Debut in real-time or is recorded.  But any other window that overlies the Zoom meeting window does show in Debut and is recorded.  That's very different from what is promised, that Debut will only capture input from the selected window.

How do I get Debut to capture only the Zoom window, when another window overlies part of that window?

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If you go to the select recording window section, in the icon for selects the window under the mouse cursor, if you click on the little arrow next to it you should get 2 options. Make sure you have set the correct one. Still what you describe seems to be the correct behavior of Debut. You can confirm this with NCH Tech support team here:  https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

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