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Things that don't work

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Downloaded and installed the trial/free version today on Windows 2000 (spec'd up - I know it's clean and operational). I see several things that don't work properly or not at all. Note that I have turned off the Internet feed for track info - don't want or need it.


1. Changing the track name does not work. It creates a file named .wav or .mp3 - that's it.


2. Doesn't rip more than one track. If several are selected, it seems to do it, but no output files are created at all.


3. After that it doesn't work at all. Have to restart Express RIP and stick to one at a time.


4. Scans all drives (I have some multimedia drives in this PC) even though it only lists the one CD drive, then reports an error on each empty media drive - badly. Error window displays incorrectly, takes ages.


5. Does not refresh track list when a new CD is loaded, you have to right click in the list window, choose refresh. I'm used to trying stuff...


It reports as version 1.4, Unlicensed free basic version. The album used is definitely OK, it's a Philips recording. Tested with another CD - Naxos. Same. I don't know what to make of this. Surely it can't be Windows 2000 beng a problem. It's supposed to work with Win95.


I see on another site that this program will ask for cash after a coupla weeks. Is it really free?

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