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Input extension vw gives error


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Hi All,


I have tried to convert files with vw extension however after clicking the convert button in the program it attempts to convert however it would give a delete or cross mark on the file in the program and also in the extended information for the respective vw file it displays as  https://speedtest.vet/  https://vidmate.bid/ "The specified source format could not be read"...


Request you to let me know what I should do to convert files with vw extension through switch sound file converter...


Is there any plugin or so which when installed would convert vw files to was format...


Also let me know if there is any othere software which could convert the entire folder of vw files to .wav or .dss formats...

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Are you referring to .WV files? If not, then VM files are not supported by Switch. You can check the supported formats here:


If you are indeed referring to .WV files then please provide one of the files you have issues with so I can test. You might also want to reach out to NCH Tech support for assistance here: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

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