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I've been using Voxal to change my voice for tabletop games with friends over Discord and I've run into a few problems that I've managed to work around for the most part.

For instance, after around 15 minutes of using a voice effect, the program would start sending loud, staticky feedback through the call, and inform me that the input was too loud. I learned to work around that by switching voices back and forth every so often.

However, I've been running into some latency issues lately. For a few hours, the program works like a dream (aside from the previous workaround mentioned). But after a while, it starts to lag pretty badly, and it takes a few seconds for my voice to come through- leading to some awkward pauses and me constantly talking over people on accident.

I've tried restarting the program, restarting Discord, and doing both, but aside from restarting my computer during our 30 minute break, there doesn't seem to be a way to fix this. Is there a way to manually flush any caches (or whatever might be slowing down the program over time- I don't know a lot about how programs work) from the program?

I'm running the latest version for Windows as an admin, and have the full version, if it makes any difference.

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Hello there. Have you found an answer for this? I've been having similar issue except that the lag starts already show at around 15 minutes. Can usually fix it by leaving voice chat, turning off voxal and then turning on everything again.

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Well, I tried a fresh reinstall, but the issue persisted. The information I received through the support emails ended up with a 'we don't have a solution for this right now', so the best you can really hope for is the patience of your friends, and that the NCH team keeps working on this. 
It's kinda frustrating, given that this is the best voice changer I've found for things like pitch-shifting without sounding unnatural. 

I've also noticed that even after I close the program, I still lag. Which means that the issue might be with Discord, or possibly with some sort of background process from Voxal continuing after closing. 

My computer has also crashed to a blue screen multiple times while using this. I've found it happens less frequently when I don't use Firefox (I use Brave instead), but I think it might have something to do with a lack of Windows 11 compatibility. 

If anyone is interested, I can keep this thread updated with the kinds of tests I do to try and fix these issues. 


If anyone knows how to do stuff with Raspberry Pi, I'd say that this issue might be able to be circumvented with a sort of external device running it. But I don't even know how to start with that stuff, so I'd be open to anyone taking that idea and running with it, so long as the NCH team is fine with it. 

Again, this is a really good voice changer. I can get all sorts of neat effects that other programs like VoiceMod, MorphVOX, and the sort. 
Changing both tone and formant is a surprisingly rare tool in real-time voice changers. If you need an alternative, MagicMic from imyphone has a preset that can be tweaked around a bit, and I haven't had any issues with latency with it yet. 

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