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How to create new project from section of a video?


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I was wondering if you might kindly tell me how to do this?

I clicked split twice, then copied that section. Where do i paste it to create a separate video, please?

I wish to retain the section in original video ie have it in 2 videos...



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After copying the split-out clip, click the + sign on the Sequence tab above the timeline, to create a blank Sequence 2...  image.png

Paste the clip into that new sequence.  Each sequence can be exported independently.

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I believe you can also save a step or two by clicking and dragging in the area above the timeline or below the audio. The area to drop files to make new tracks. It will turn blue. Then right click the blue area and export directly without having to make a split or a new sequence.

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mac OS, VP 10.79

If I drag the position indicator arrow at the top of the timeline it only moves the indicator. If I swipe, or click and drag, on clips within the actual timeline I am then moving clips.

If I drag it in the new track regions, video or audio, it creates the blue section.

Actually, no matter where the position indicator is, just clicking and dragging in one of those new track areas creates the blue area with the position indicator automatically setting itself at the end of the blue region.

I have confirmed the exported video is the blue area.

Perhaps this is a bug or a change in VP 10.xx.

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Here, if a thumb is clicked and dragged, that moves the clips.

If the timeline is clicked, the pointer snaps to the click point and the line can be dragged.

If the new track area is clicked and dragged, or the line itself is clicked, then the pointer snaps to the click point, becomes two-headed and the blue line is created.

So perhaps that is consistent with what you are seeing, and seems to be the correct behavior.

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This is one way I solved how to save created clips for other projects.

It would be great to be able and select a clip on the time line with a click and the right click menu give an option to save that to the bin or to export.

Also when selecting a blue area, if it could 'auto set' to the clips edge on ending the selection would be nice. Perhaps with the use of the alt key to have that option.

In looking farther, I found I can set the indicator in the sequence preview window with the 'goto previous clip edge' button, hold shift and click to 'goto next clip edge' and it will create a blue area for that clip precisely. You can click multiple times to select multiple clips, but the blue does not show up until you release the shift key.

The same cannot be said for the 'next frame' button however.

Perhaps in future versions. I have suggested that at the suggestion page.


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A timeline clip can be dragged to the bin where it will be given an incremental #, while vanishing from the timeline.

Here, the blue appears while using <shift>, to hit various clip edges.  If <alt> is used instead then the cursor alone moves - no blue line.

It's also possible that certain features act differently with each install of the same release, though that may not apply to this case.  It's a marketing thing.

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Yes. Zooming in the timeline, I do see it does attach to the clip edge, but no indicator of that given like when moving a clip.

If I drag a clip to the bin, I get a green 3 arrow "recycle' icon and no clip is saved. I figure this is because it is the same clip just with different start/end points. But I am not able to save it as a new clip in that way.


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Here, when any single clip is dragged from the timeline to the bin it creates a copy of that clip there, with an incremental #.   The original bin clip is unchanged.  Thus, many clips that have been split out of the master and added to the timeline can be saved independently.

This is the action seen here when holding down <shift> while clicking the edge buttons.  Perhaps it works differently in a Mac.

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My Mac does not do that when dragging a clip to the bin. Only get the three green 'recycle' arrows in a circle. The same if I hold command, alt or control.

I can right click on a clip after selecting it and copy, but no option to paste in the bin.

Those option are not yet available on Mac I suppose.

Have you ever seen the green recycle icon?

Selecting a blue area almost works the same with the exception, for me,  the blue does not show until you release the shift button, selection a small region of a clip or multiple clips. But does still do the job.


Is there a reason the dual preview option is not available now? The check box is there but grayed out.

I am not a big fan of the new default layout either. Almost  impossible to have a window undocked for use with the controls now being to the side of the preview. I make it so i have to undock all three, bin, clip and sequence windows to use them side by side.

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Must be a Mac thing in the newer version because selecting video pad then preferences the option for dual display is there but grayed out and unavailable for use.
Does not create a new clip of any kind on my end. Any version I have. This too must be a Mac issue.

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Back on the original thread...To export a section of the timeline.

  • Hover the mouse over the STEM of the red cursor line.(Not the block at the top) You should see a double headed R/L arrow appear on the cursor line.
  • When this appears keep the left mouse button down and drag R/L to get the blue highlighted region that you want to export.
  • Right click the blue area. A menu should appear...
  • z.jpg
  • Select Export Selected Region
  • A message will now remind you that only the blue highlighted region will be exported
  • Click OK to open the Export parameter window.

This procedure will work on all tracks within the highlighted region. This means you can export multiple videos from the same timeline. Just clicking the Track will remove the highlighted region




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Yes. I got that. But you don’t actually have to click on the red stem, you can click anywhere in the area for new tracks, audio or video, and drag. The cursor will turn into a double arrow when you start to drag. I use this less precise way to grab and export 20 or 30 seconds of video then burn to a reusable DVD and then can check colors sound resolution etc. on a television and DVD player quickly.

Of course using the transport buttons along with shift or not, allows for selecting certain clips more precisely.  
Where you click will be the one edge of blue and were you stop dragging will be the edge With the position indicator, or stem no matter if you drag left to right or tight to left. 
if you select a blue area with multiple tracks the export will play just like the sequence will with the overlaying track showing. This will occur even if the overlying track is collapsed. 
If the track is hidden, a red X on the eyeball to the far left, then the next tracks down are exported only.

I use this more precise way to export clips or partial sequences for use in other projects or as a small short standalone video, trailer if you will.

Selecting certain clips only for export could be expedited by having an export option when you right click after selecting a clip or clips. Just a suggestion for the developers.

These things on MacBook Pro. 

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