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Can I select my own lossless codec for encoding with lossless export?


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I have a few small edits to make with a video, exported losslessly. The lossless segments are great because they aren't re-encoded. Source file is .5GB. Re-encoded segments use the default codec of H264 4-2-0. 4-2-0 subsampling treats all black as useless data which makes the picture very washed out compared to the lossless segments.

Anyway, I could always select a third party lossless codec like Lagarith. But actually re-encoding the whole thing with Lagarith would make my video 30GB, that is useless to me. I just want VideoPad to use a codec like this for the small re-encoded segments done in lossless mode.


Example of H264 interleaved with lossless copy


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You may have already seen these requirements...

NCH Video Output Options - Lossless Export Settings

Lossless export provides the highest quality video. It does this by re-encoding your video file only when required. Some editing functions require your video to be re-encoded on export. These include adding transitions, adding effects or exporting to a different file type than the original file. A full list of criteria for lossless export is listed below.

There are three options in the lossless export drop-down list.

  • Auto Detect - This is the default setting. If the majority of your video does not need to be re-encoded, it will automatically be exported with the lossless setting. If the majority of your video needs to be re-encoded, lossless export will not be used.
  • Use Lossless Export - When this setting is selected, if your video meets the criteria for lossless editing below, lossless export will be used. Only portions of the video that need to be re-encoded will be re-encoded, the remainder will use lossless export.
  • Off (Re-encode Video) - When this setting is selected, your entire video file will be re-encoded. Lossless export will not be used.

Depending on your selection, you will see your other file setting options adjust to meet the requirements of your lossless export selection.

The following criteria must be met by the input/output videos for lossless export to be used:

  • We currently support H.264 and MPEG4 encoder video sources.
  • The output format must match the input format.
  • Supported formats are .avi, .mkv, .mov, .mp4
  • The output and input must have the same dimensions, encoder profile, levels and extradata.
  • Visual effects are not supported. Any segments of your video that include visual effects will be re-encoded.
  • At least 10% of your sequence must meet the criteria for lossless editing. If less than 10% of the sequence meets the criteria, the entire sequence will be re-encoded during export.


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