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Converting .dm to .wav

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I am using Express Scribe to listen to audio files for transcription created in court reporting software by the name of DigitalCat by Stenovations. The file extension is .dm. Express Scribe does not recognize this file format. I downloaded Switch to see if I could convert it to a .wav file but got an error message saying something about a codec. Can someone tell me if I can convert this file and if so, how. Should I use something else to convert it? Can NCH update their list of files Express Scribe recognizes? I can send the file if that is possible. Thanks.



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as a general rule, formats owned by specific companies cannot be read/converted by software made by other companies, because usually the owning company wants customers to keep using their own products. Take sony and their atrac formats as an example.


So you may have to contact stenovations and see if they can help you with a .wav converter.

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