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Unable to join videos


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Before, media bin was not so messy, now there is text file, audio file.. before, I could click text, audio or video file, that alone would be in media bin...

Few months ago, I uploaded one video, put in timeline, then I uploaded 2nd video, then dragged it down next to 1st video so is one video. I cannot do that now.

When I upload 2nd video, it immed  appears in timeline, 1st video has disappeared.... can you advise, please?

Have 5 videos to join up,


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Doesn't do that here.   

When files are ADDED from the PC, they appear in the appropriate bins.  Click the bin tabs to see the clips stored under each category.  New bins can be created via a right-click in an empty area of the bin window.

Clips are categorized as Video Files, Audio Files, Images.  When they are dragged to the timeline, one after another, they join up.  Don't drag a clip directly on top of another, or it will replace the earlier clip.

What version of Videopad is being used?  Here's the latest.  For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months from purchase date.  After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest.  Retain your old install file and registration info.

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If you want several/many video clips to be linked quickly in order on the timeline have them stored in a single folder.

  • Highlight the clips in the folder and then Drag and Drop them as a block to the VP logo They will open VP and automatically be placed in the Video clip bin and be in alpha numeric order.
  • Switch the bin display to List  format. They will list in the same order but you can reverse that order by clicking the small triangular arrow in the Name heading box if required.
  • z.jpg
  • Use Ctrl + A to highlight the list.
  • Drag the highlighted block of clips to the empty Track 1. They will link end to end in the chosen order. (Either forwards or reverse order.)

If you want to add clips in a different (e.g. user defined) order, select (right click) each one in the bin and then use... Place on Sequence/Place on Sequence at End  

Drag/drop is also OK but ensure you drop them correctly or you may miss the track or insert them etc. 



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thanks for you reply

thanks for your help in the past...much appreciated

I clicked all the tabs, once the other 2nd video appeared but it took the place of the 1st video.

I don't think it's about which version am using but the issue is I'm doing something wrong.....I joined up a video about 6 months ago...

I used the version you gave me in Mar 21.

Last week, VP crashed, NCH offered me the latest version... then decided to join some videos...had this issue. with that version

Yesterday, I went back to March version, same issue.

6 months ago, it was so easy, media bin had one item, video 1 and it was in timeline...uploaded video 2, then 2 videos were in media bin, video 1 was inj time line....I just dragged down video 2, next the no 1 in timeline and it was done...

now, all these other things are in media bin and can't get 2 videos into media bin

I think there is something I am doing wrong....

put it another way. how can I get more than 1 video into the media bin?

I tried copying 5 videos I want to join up, so they turn blue,  from pc to VP, but only last one got onto VP


Thanks, that was awesome!

I did it! I made folder in pc, now ,have 5 videos in one VP project, to join up! Thanks! They were unedited videos.

The initial project also with  5 videos, are separetely edited projects on VP, maybe that is why they can't appear in media bin at same time? How can I fix this so can make into one video, delete them all and start over again? Hope not...

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Use ADD FILES (from the Home menu toolbar) to import audio files, images or videos.  Previously exported VP projects are simply files, and they can be added as well.  A right-click in an empty area of the bin will also offer the ADD FILES choice.

Then drag those clips to the timeline where desired.  Or use a right-click on a bin clip and choose one of the options...


Place one file after the other, or go with the suggestions offered by Nat, above.  There's been no change from version to version on how this works.

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I did this initially, eg video 1  is now in media bin, click add files, to add video 2, it appears in media bin and timeline, video 1 disappeared, I clicked all tabs, cannot find video 1.

I am seeing my editing teacher tomorrow night, hopefully she might see what i am  missing....at least I can start on 2nd project....

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Odd, and never before reported.  What file types are these clips?  File types for video might be mp4, MOV, AVI, etc.

Be sure that they are not VPJ files (which should not be possible).  Those are Videopad control files that are not playable or viewable.

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they are def mp4, she'll sort it out tomro night.

The other folder with 5 new video files, well, i dragged down the 2nd video to end of 1st video, so they are joined up nicely but strangely, there is a gap at start of video, so is black screen for 2 mins. I tried to drag box to start of timeline, won't move.

If you could kindly advise, that would be greatly appreciated....

many thanks,


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