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WMA to MP3 and ID3 tags

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I have a nice sized, 150GBs plus, of .WMA music that I had when I was a PC user.

I'm trying to convert it all to .MP3 so I can use it on my new Mac.


Switch works awesome except for the fact that the first album I converted from .WMA to .MP3 is not recognized in iTunes.

My guess is in the process of the conversion from  https://speedtest.vet/  https://vidmate.bid/.WMA to .MP3, Switch removed the ID3 information?

I don't want to manually enter all the album information for every .MP3 album I have once Switch converts them all.

iTunes on Mac doesn't convert .WMA to .MP3, iTunes on PC does, but I don't have a PC anymore which is why I bought Switch to do this work for me.

But now its only half of what I want as I need to keep the album information so I don't have to manually enter all this in.


Do I need to request a refund for Switch if it doesn't do this? 

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