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FF and Rewind? With the keyboard?


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Thank you Borate. At least I know I'm not crazy now.  

Does anyone have any idea when those updates may be?I am not seeing any fast scrolling with the arrow key. It actually plays faster with the space bar "play" function.

Here are some basic things that need to exist to make this functional ( this is a list in progress, some of these I may just not have found yet):

JKL regular and fast speed scrolling

The ability to set clip (not sequence) markers

The ability to set clip markers without a dialog box (as to a music beat)

The ability to save clips in the bin

---and some minor annoyances---

Keep sequence video track collapsed!! It keeps expanding when I make a change.

I am unable to drag down the middle bar to make the timeline thinner and the preview pane larger.  


I'm trying to get familiar with this program to help someone else, but without the very basics I may have to advise him to use a different program.   If he has to mark points in a two-hour file, the lack of jkl capability is going to cause him a whole lot of time and trouble - not to mention hand pain if he has to scroll with his mouse.


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As  above, scrolling works with an arrow key depressed if the sequence is in focus.  There's no target date for other enhancements, but they're in the works.


Bookmarks can be set on sequence clips without a dialog box.  Right-click on the scrubber (red line) arrow.  But they cannot be set on bin clips.  That said...

Bin clips can be COPY/PASTED repeatedly.  Each copy can be trimmed... image.png then dropped onto the timeline.

Leave the master clip as is.  Clips already on the timeline can be dragged to the bin (deleting them from the timeline), trimmed there, then dropped onto the timeline.


To keep track 1 from fully expanding temporarily place a blank clip on track 2 at the end of the sequence.  Track 1 will still expand, but only minimally.

The white line will drag the UI up or down within limits, sizing the preview window.

Feel free to file suggestions via the link above;  they are considered.

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JKL editing not currently available with VP but you can play the sequence at varying speeds up to 5X with the setting Borate has suggested.

If you know what clip you want to go to just right click it in the bin and select Jump to  Clip in Sequence. If you have the same clip (or part of the clip) in two or more places there will be a choice of points that the cursor can be made to go. Not a keyboard action though.

You can skip clip - clip forwards and backwards with SHIFT and the arrow keys. Holding down the keys will skip forwards and backwards pretty quickly. 

You can also switch to Storyboard mode and skip forwards and backwards with the same keys or mouse wheel.

Marking a clip. Until NCH come up with something (suggested some time ago) you can mark a clip start position, or a specific point in a clip by by adding a very short blank image to a higher track (or a very short text clip with description) Group this to the clip in question.You can now now step through to the start of the blank (or text). Moving the clip or splitting the clip will  move the "marker" without changing the position on the clip. This is a bit similar to placing an editing X on a particular frame in cine editing. 

Save a clip or a section of a clip to the bin by dragging it directly to the bin area. A green clover leave will show when it is dragged. This isn't a save to the PC but it can be exported by placing it  at the start of a higher unused track an then hiding all the other tracks on Output by clicking the eye icon for those tracks at the left end. 

Clips in the bin cannot actually be saved per se as it is assumed that they are present outside VP on the PC already but following shortening or splitting etc. the above method is a possible way of doing this. Make a suggestion to NCH.

If your sole aim is to enlarge the preview area at the expense of the timeline then dragging down the white bar below it will succeed up to a point but after that the pane can only be enlarged further by right clicking the the unlock arrow at the top right corner. This opens a resizable window containing that particular preview pane. A full screen display will also be available.

If the aim is to reduce the height of the tracks then click the solid triangular arrow at the extreme left which will reduce the height of that particular track.



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Thank you for all this Nat and Borate.  I will go through all these and try them out. 

The timeline middle bar is working also and I can now enlarge the preview area so they definitely changed something.  

Thank you NCH for being so responsive, appreciate it.   

What doesn't appear to be fixed, though, is the ability to backward scroll (other than slooooooowllly frame by frame) in the clip viewer.  That is really important. Is there an arrow equivalent in the clip viewer?

The way I would work would be to view my footage in the clip viewer (hence the need for backward/forward fast scroll), set clip markers (which VP can't do), set in and out points, then to drop those clips one by one into the timeline. (Then save those to the bin).  Prefer that to direct timeline editing.

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Suggestion for rewind function in the clip viewer, and clip markers, submitted via the link above.

Ugh the arrow keys aren't working now as a rewind . Maybe I'm doing something wrong.  I'm so over this program.

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As long as focus has been clicked to the Sequence, the arrows are working well here in several recent releases.

CLIP Preview scroll is via the buttons only.

Confirm that video driver and Direct-X are current.  https://www.nch.com.au/kb/10265.html

Copies of bin clips can be made via a right-click on the clip | COPY.  Then right-click in an open bin area and PASTE (CLIP)

Ignoring the master clip, set individual IN and OUT points for each numbered copy and drop them to the timeline.

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