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‘Fall off ‘notation

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9 hours ago, David Holden said:

How do you add a wavy ‘fall off’ to a note ? ( a wavy gliss will only work if connecting to a following note )


Hi Dave,

Other than the gliss options which are already available in the current releases of Crescendo (refer to the attached screenshot), Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 6.35.47 AM.png


You may also use the Acciaccatura/Appoggiatura tools which can be found when you right click on a single note > Grace notes


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Thanks for reply. However, none of your suggested options (gliss tools; grace note) provide a “ long fall off” indication. The nearest to such indication is “gliss” but the wavy downward line can only be achieved when the note in question is connected to a following note by it (that is a “gliss” , but not a “fall” )

So I am left with no solution other than to write “fall” from text tool


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