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Images and text automatically go to the top track


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Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to stop images and text clips from auto placing on the top track.

There are times where I have six tracks for overlays. It's for an outro, I need 3 tracks for social media logos, and three more for text with links. When I do this, trying to add a new clip automatically puts it into the top track (or makes an entirely new one if the clip's duration causes it to go over another), even if I drag it to a lower one (eg. I drag an image to track 2, but it snaps to track 6 once I release my mouse button).

This is an irritating issue to experience due to having to scroll up the timeline and drag the clip down every time I add a new one. This is especially irritating when the only time I really use more than 2 tracks is when I need a text overlay in a small part of the project and at the end of the video.

TL;DR: Is there a way to stop text and image clips from automatically overlaying into the top track?

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png images and text images are automatically placed on the next available overlay track at the cursor poisition as they are transparent. Anything above them (and in line) would obscure them. I don't think this can be altered. You could make a suggestion..


Asking if it is possible to have an option to place text etc in the image bin only.


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I understand it automatically goes above other tracks. My issue here is that even when nothing is above the image/text i'm trying to place, if another track exsists above it, it goes there instead.

An example: If I make 5 empty tracks, the text/image will always go to track 5 even when no other clip is present.


Edit: I downloaded a newer version as suggested to me for another issue, and that seems to have solved the issue here as well.

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