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"Next/previous frame" button skips whole sections of the timeline


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Hi, I am someone who does a lot of frame-by-frame editing. However, for some reason, the recent versions of videopad seem to have broken "next/previous frame" buttons.

for example: If I have the cursor sitting at 10:31.275 and I hit the "previous frame" button the cursor jumps to 10:28.275. Sometimes, it'll even jump to the very beginning of the sequence.

There's seemingly no real way of knowing why this is happening either. I've been messing with going back and forth with only the frame buttons; sometimes it works as intended, other times it skips a whole clip, other times it skips back to the beginning.

My only workaround so far is just to let it jump to the start then hold the button until I get to where I need to be on the timeline.

Edit: I also want to add that if the timeline has processed fully (the blue bar below the sequence preview is full) it seems that playing the sequence for a second fixes this, but once I make an edit, I have to sit and wait for it to process again or risk jumping around the timeline.

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