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Stereo Mix and Volume


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Hi, not sure if these forums are still active; doesn't look like it....

I've got a purchased version of wavepad, and use it mostly for recording / editing of free to air radio through the PC (streaming).

The recording options:  I have it set as Device "Stereo Mix", and input as "Windows Record Mixer".

However, recordings made in this way are actually far inferior (noticeably) than the original broadcast.
Also, the recording is totally dependent on the master volume, which I find problematic.

There is the tantalizing option to use SoundTap (Record Streaming Audio); but I need convincing this will solve the above problems, mainly; that the recording is made independent of the volume, and captures the "raw data" of the sound being played.    

I used up my 'trial' of SoundTap over a year ago, so can't now test the output, and given the high cost of such a simple program (that WavePad should do by default, IMO) I need to be certain it will produce close to the original.

Thanks to anyone who might have this info...





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