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HELP PLEASE! How do I undo a bank reconciliation?

Cotton I Sew

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I added the date of 21/03/2031 instead of 31/03/2021 and my bank has reconciled to 2031! I now can't reconcile any further transactions for the financial year (I'm in Australia). I did search through the forum but the suggestions didn't work. I can only get a reconciliation in excel format and it has no date of reconciliation to adjust. 

My computer runs on Windows 10. Program files are saved "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\ExpressAccounts" but it only contains the launch files .exe nothing else. 

Is there anyone that can help please?

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have you try this option?: 

Rollback to Previous

This button allows you to undo the last reconcile for the selected account. You may want to rollback if you have done a reconciliation by mistake or you have received more transactions that should have been included in the last reconcile.
Please note that this button will only be enabled when there is a valid reconciliation to rollback to and you will only be able to go back at most one reconciliation.


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