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Can I lock just the audio track

Alan R

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... and leave its associated video track editable? 

"lock this track" locks both audio and video irrespective of whether video and audio are linked or not.

I want to chop up the video component and leave the audio in-tack.

If negative - I could always "move the unlinked audio to Track 2, and then lock Track 2, before editing Track 1 (video)

Lock track seems to suggest lock both elements of Track X??


VideoPad Professional  v10.43


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If you just want to edit the video and leave the audio intact   try this...

  • Open the Sequence bin
  • Right click the Sequence in the bin
  • Select Save Sequence Audio as New File.
  • Drag the new audio file down to Audio Track 2 and line it up with the audio on Audio Track 1. (You could move the cursor to the start of the timeline and then Overlay the new audio at the cursor.)
  • When they play in sync Mute Audio Track 1
  • Lock Audio Track 2 if required
  • Edit the video
  • The linked audio on  Audio track 1 will also edit but remain mute


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Thanks guys for your usual prompt replies.

Now at least I can see what I cannot do.

As is usual with VP there are numerous workarounds and in this case it's very much a one-off, so following Nats guidance I'll make a copy of the relevant piece of audio to Track 2 and lock it there, while I chop up the video track.

Thank you both for your input, as usual it's much appreciated.



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