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IP address for Web Access Keep Changing


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Hi to all. Long-time Express Invoice user, first time Forum poster.

I'm having an issue lately where every day when I get to the office and open Express Invoice on my laptop, I cannot access it through Web Access on my PC in the office next door.
It seems that the Local Network IP Address in the "Web Access" tab under "Options" keeps changing every day.  

This means that every day I have to check the IP address in the software on my laptop and then change the URL in my browser on my PC accordingly in order to access Web Access.  Previously it used to work fine and the IP address would stay the same every day.  Is there a way of preventing the IP address from changing every day? 

I had recently installed an SSD drive in the laptop, and I believe that's when the issue started.

So I'm not sure if it's an Express Invoice thing, or a Windows 10 thing.  Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all,

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You have to get fix IP from your Internet Service Provider. 99%, it remain same any ways.. so as far as your router is on, it have one ip address. Just select DMZ in your router to map global ip to local ip and it should work. I am using v8.11 for Mac and when enable web server for express invoice. It takes up 100GB of memory, crashing down everything. So you have to keep an eye on that part as well. 

Reported it to NCH team.. but no action yet. 

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