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How to mix audio from one clip with images from another clip

Nigel Copage

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Apologies if this question has been answered in a previous thread but I searched the forum and could not find it.

I want to make a video of a hiking event which involves a 10 minute talk by the walk leader. 

But instead of showing the speaker for the whole time I want to continue playing the audio of the speaker but switch to scenes from the walk itself and then back to the speaker.

So the audio will be just the 10 minute speech but the visual will switch from the speaker to scenes from the walk and then back to the speaker and so on.

How can I do this in Videopad?  I am a new user so sorry if this sounds a silly question but I will be grateful for any advice.

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No question is silly.

Higher numbered video tracks override lower, so if the speaker is on video and audio tracks 1, then an image placed on video track two will be seen instead.  That's the simplest approach.  Dissolves from the speaker to the video inserts can also be programmed...

In this example a fade transition has been added to the beginning and end of the 'face' graphic on track two, by using the icons at the head and end of that clip

The graphic is a transparent PNG, so the lower track is still visible in the background.  That's how superimpositions, such as text overlays, are composed.

 If the track two content were not transparent and the same resolution as track 1, then it would fully obscure track 1.

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