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Media bin want it to stay open etc


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New to this software.

How can i put all of the media in the media bin to the time line in one go?


When i ned to select videos, one by one, how do i tell the media bin to stay open untill i have finished.

All i am doing is putting lots of videos into one video

Thanks all

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The media bin never closes (top-left).  Take a screen shot of it closed and upload it to a server like Google Drive.  Get a shared (public) link and post it here.

Select (highlight) the files to be dropped onto the timeline - <crtl-A> for all of them - then drag.  Or right-click one of them and choose an action from the menu.


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Also note...

  • Ctrl + A will highlight a single bin of clips at a time.
  • The clips in a bin will auto arrange in alpha numeric order
  • If you view the bin in List view you can reverse the order by clicking the Name heading
  • Using Control+A to highlight all the clips in a particular bin they can be dragged and dropped to the timeline en masse and will automatically be arranged in order.
  • Usually bins are shown individually but by grabbing the vertical white bar between the bin area and the preview area and dragging it to the left, the bin area will be squashed and all the bins will be listed one above the other. The actual view obtained depends on the displaying mode chosen (List or TN)
  • Although all the bins and their contents will be listed in this way (List view) , and highlighted with Ctrl + A  they cannot be added en masse. as multiple bins will be highlighted and only a single bin works in this way.
  • You can however, add all of a bin's contents if you simply drag and drop the Folder for the bin to the timeline.

You will have to experiment a bit and find the way that suits you best.


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