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csv import doesn't take quantities lower than 1


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Hello guys, thank you for helping,

When I import my csv file, everything is ok: description, price, invoice number...

BUT if one item's quantity is lower than one, the software put 1 instead of it.

I tried with a dot or comma, but it doesn't work either.

Here is a part of the csv, THANK YOU!!

client ,description,code article,QUANTITE ,prix unitaire,date,Num_facture
Gene,Petit Yéti  (€ au poids),b,"0,5","17,00 €",11/06/21,FA345
Gene,Poulet entier,c,.525,"9,20 €",11/06/21,FA345

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Do you get the problem with all the CSV files you import or just one of them? You may want to reinstall the program using this link and confirm if the issue persists: https://www.nchsoftware.com/invoice/eisetup.exe

Before reinstalling the program, I recommend you to create a backup data file to avoid losing your information during the process: https://www.nchsoftware.com/invoice/kb/1140.html

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Hello and thank you,

I reinstalled but the problem is still here. It is with all my csv files. 

I give you an example of csv that gives me a quantity equal to 1 in the invoice result:

client ,description,QUANTITE ,prix unitaire,date,Num_facture
Gene,-  aux herbes de Provence,"0,2","0,90 €",11/06/21,FA345
Gene,Petit Yéti  (€ au poids),"2,5","17,00 €",11/06/21,FA345
Gene,Poulet entier,",5","0,20 €",11/06/21,FA345
Gene,Abats : gésiers,0.50,"7,50 €",11/06/21,FA345

Do you manage to import that and have 0,... as quantities?

Thank you very much for helping

Looking forward to reading you



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