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Switch settings for mp3 play in my car (with road noise)?

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I find that Switch does a nice job converting FLAC to MP3 but, in my car, there's enough road noise to force me to increase the volume (in the car) in order to hear the "soft" spots and that makes the loud portions way too loud. I think the proper settings (in Switch) involve increasing the volume 4 or 5 db but "Normalizing" Peak Loudness to -14db. Of course, I have no training in this process so I'm guessing. I'm just trying to get the low spots to be louder relative to the loud spots to compensate for the road noise.

Suggestions and advice gratefully accepted. TIA


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The road noise is only on the MP3 format, if you try to convert to another format do you get the same issue? Now for the Output format select MP3, then Select the MP3 Options.. then select the Volume Tab here do you apply any Amplify option? Check that you don't have any of this active, also try to convert also to another format, so you can check if the issue is direct with the format or there is a glitch. 

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The road noise is exactly that; nothing related to the format of the music. Imagine you are riding in your car with the radio/music player turned off. That "noise baseline" of the tires, wind, and engine requires that I turn up the volume (compared to if the car isn't moving and all can hear is the radio/music player).

If I convert to MP3 with Switch (or any other decent app) and listen to the music on my desktop computer, the quality is excellent. It's just when you introduce the "noise baseline" of riding in a moving car that I have to turn up the volume in order to hear the soft spots (and that's what gets the loud spots "too loud"). The music itself has no noise.

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