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Dropping Images Into Track - They Snap to the top track instead of the one I put them in


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Title sums it up. If I drag an image onto a track, it goes to the top one where I attempted to drop it in another one. After that I can move it to the track I want, but it is SUPER annoying. Is this a setting I'm missing?

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If the image is a transparent png or text clip it will be placed on an overlay track, because it's likely to be keyed over a background.

That said, if you specify (via a right-click on the clip, or by using the ADD button) to Add to Sequence at cursor, it shouldn't do that, IMO.

File a report.  https://tinyurl.com/c52dayd6

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Using Drag and Drop with  jpgs   (but see lower down) ...Are you certain that you are releasing the image ON the track concerned. Obviously it will go to a higher track (Track 2) if it is not dragged low enough. e.g. this jpg will go to Track 2...



This jpg will INSERT on Track 1 at the mouse arrow position.....


However as Borate notes...png files and Text clips (images with transparency) will NOT insert and will automatically be placed on a higher track as they are expected to be used as overlays.  However, they can  be inserted with a second drag downwards to the track concerned.


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