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Distortion- Black pixelated line appears on some frames at the top and immediately dissipates


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On 6/24/2021 at 8:31 PM, borate said:

No, using 10.52 for those tests.  Suggest that you try 8.45 and report whether it performs differently.

It isn't quite clear that what you are seeing is the same as what Steve1124 sees - black squares occasionally at the top of the image.

Spot any glitches in the text export?

I saw no glitches on your v10.52 export. I cannot find a way to attach a picture to this Forum, so here is a link to a screen shot of what my problem looks like in v10.52:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KZdT1RBOPNhAFHkHAGUPLg6Cl5M5NyYd/view?usp=sharing   Maybe @Steve1124 can comment if he is seeing the same transient distorted black bar across the top that I have.

I will try v10.59 when it comes out so we are comparing apples to apples. Currently I can export without the distortion with v10.36 even though there are timeline distortions on v10.52. That will be my goto work-around unless v10.59 resolves the issue.

When will v10.59 come out?  Fortunately I was able to finish/publish/export my video so I succeeded in meeting my deadline.

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10.52 was used for the tests.  My error.  Glad you met the deadline. 

Your glitch is somewhat different than Steve's.  Since neither shows up here analysis is tough.

Just for comparison, see what version 8.45 does for you and report back.

For exporting click the Video Quality/Bitrate link and choose Off (Re-encode Video).


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Now that repairs have been made, what video adapter is in use?  Right-click the Start Button, click Device Manager,

expand the Display Adapter line and tell us what it shows.  image.png

To summarize...

In Act 1 scene 1 6-16 NCH.mp4 the artifacts are evident.

My Movie_trial_0.mp4 is clean, both on the timeline and when exported at default settings from two PCs, using two different but recent VP releases.

Then exported 4-13 Part 1 speaker.mp4 - the apparent original Zoom output -  Clean on both machines.

Only one tester has been able to spot artifacts, and they suggested exporting the original at the higher bitrate settings that you confirm you have tried.

So, we're at an impasse here.  If Zoom has alternative bitrate or quality settings when it creates the mp4, try those.

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