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How to save edited video clips


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Assuming you have edited your video and ir previews as you want it to.

  • Set up a sutably named export folder; say, "My Video" on the desktop
  • Click the toolbar option Export Video and select Video File from the menu. This opens the Export video dialogue box
  • z.jpg
  • From the top down.......
  • Enter a name for your Video
  • Click the Save to Folder blue prompt and navigate to your set up folder. e.g. My Video on the desktop. This will ensure the place your video is exported to. (The default for this is also set up in Options/Disc)You could make this your default save folder if you want but for the moment leave it. 
  • Click the down arrow of the Preset  box (may initially say Custom), and choose a format. e.g. 720p or HD 1080p Choose a format that matches your video clips
  • Set the File format  box from the down arrow list to .mp4  There are other options regarding quality and mp4 settings but for the moment leave it at Default Quality.
  • Set the Resolution AR and video size from the down arrow list or simply use Auto Match Content
  • Leave Widescreen Fit as Letterbox.  VP will sort this out
  • Leave the  Frame Rate and Subtitle options unchanged.
  • Click the Create button
  • The Export queue window will open and show a progress bar and some data about your project. When this completes with the green prompt (may take some time with a large project) you can open your set up folder by clicking the Show in Folder prompt or Play your video with the Play  prompt (assuming you have a video player installed like VCL) or you can directly navigate to  and open your setup folder where you created it on the desktop (e,g, My Video) and you should see your finished video there. 

Hope this helps. Note also that you should Save Project As  before exporting so if things go wrong you can click the generated .vpj file and reconstruct your project


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