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Speeding up a/v without affect the play length


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I want to speed up a piece of video on track2 so I can make it fit a gap in track 1. But after speeding up the whole sequence auto ripples, despite me holding down the alt key. I'm using v10.16 and I need to do this because videopad has a bug where it mucks up sped up video if you apply an effect after the video was already sped up. An annoying bug I some times forget about. It only seems to happen when the effect is applied to multiple clips. The a/v of the sped up clip gets screwed up. Was this bug perhaps fixed in a more recent version? I'm not that keen on upgrading since v.p will probably introduce some new bugs :)

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A fill-to-fit option would be a welcomed feature.  Suggest it.

Perhaps the best way to accomplish the task is to do a little math.  Jump the cursor to the end of the gap and note the Cursor time. image.png

Jump to the start of the gap and subtract that time from the end time.

Right-click the clip to be sped up and Change Clip Speed.  Click the Duration field and input the time that you calculated.

The sped-up clip is then the same size of the gap.  Leave it on track 2 and it will override the gap.

Using v10.48 couldn't replicate your post-speed add-effect complaint...

Sped up three clips on track two, selected them, then added several effects.  Result was three sped-up clips with effects.

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