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MP3 restricted to only one ear on bluetooth headphone

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I listen to mostly lectures, audiobooks podcasts and so on.   And to manage them better (e.g. shorten into parts) I edit them in WavePad.   Until now when I listen while walking I have used a single ear bluetooth device.  omegle  xender  However I just up-graded to an Aftershokz stero bluetooth headset.

Suddenly the sound is only coming out of the left ear on those edited in wavepad.  I have tried saving the lectures etc in Mono, Joint & stereo but to no avail.  All only playback in my left ear.

What settings on saving are needed to get sound channeled to both ears?


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Are you using WavePad on a computer or a mobile device? When you playback the file, do you do it on WavePad or a different player? Note that NCH products are not fully compatible with Bluetooth so I recommend you to listen to the file using a non Bluetooth device to see if the issue persists. You may want to reinstall the program and try to save it again. You may also try to save it using different formats to see if it makes a difference

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