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Question about blu-ray


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I have purchased most of the options including Express Burn but I can’t find anything regarding the military standard M-disks. I use to burn M-disks with 100 GB size with good results and a guaranteed lifetime of 1000 years but I haven’t found anything in Express Burn that is related to a ability to burn on M-disks. 
Can’t Express Burn or any other of NCR’s burning products burn on M-disks at the size of 100GB?

Kind regards 

Alf-Erik Thelin

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Tanks Chris for your clear answer. I find it strange that a so big program suit can’t handle big M-disks when most people probably wants to have a big storage capacity and a storage that is long lasting. 
And the lack it is especially strange when it is so easy to perform writing and reading on M-disks. 

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