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How to draw above ground pool/spa?


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To draw an above ground pool or spa in your design, you can typically use the same built-in pool feature in most design software, although it primarily focuses on in-ground pools. Start by specifying the desired dimensions, and shape for your above ground pool or spa, taking into account the height above the ground level. While the built-in pool feature may reference depth relative to the ground, you can manually adjust this value to match the height of your above ground pool installation. Additionally, you may need to customize the pool walls and decking to accurately represent an above ground pool, ensuring it aligns with your vision for the project. 

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To create the look of an above ground pool, change the coping height to 52", or so, depth to 8', and coping width to 4".  This will give you the look of a high wall that you can then build a deck around.  You can play around with height, width and color to get the look you want.  Hope this helps.  I struggled with trying to find a free 3D model of an above ground pool until I changed the measurements. 

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