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Issue with Microphone on Discord


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Hello all, 

I'm using Voxal since one year, in the last month I have an issue related to Discord. Everytime I using my external microphone on Voxal appear the message that there's no Microhpone connected, but the microphone is correctly connected and in use on discord.

Did you ever encountered this kind of issue? How can I solve it?

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Make sure you select the correct device to record: click Options > Preview Audio tab > under Preview Recording Device drop down menu > select the device you want to use to record > click OK. 

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I had the same problem when I installed a voice changer for discord, and I tried to fix this problem for a long time, but nothing came out. Then I called my friend, who knows the computer better, and he just deleted the old drivers and installed new ones, and he also reinstalled the discord and configured everything in the microphone settings. Well, somehow, if all these actions don't help you, then it's best to Google, and maybe you'll find what you need. Good luck to you, friend, you will succeed, man :)

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