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My dictation files are distorted - it sounds like a squeaky child talking!


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My dictation files are distorted and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to rectify it.  I tried uninstalling and now its also telling me I have to upgrade to get Pro which I have previously paid for.  I don't want to upgrade if my files are still distorted.  Please help!

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If you already paid and your issue is now the license registration, I would suggest you contact NCH so they can provide you the link to download the version of the program that is compatible with your license so you can reinstall and register again. and if that does not correct your other technical issue I would suggest you let them know about it so they can help you.


You can reach out to them here:  https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

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I am using fully licensed Express Scribe Pro V 10.3

We have been using videos from Zoom with no problem.

Recently however, there has been a lag between the video and the audio portion.  This also happens when using audio from another licensed NCH product, Debut Software.


Has anyone else run into this product of have any suggestions as to how to correct it?

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The Zoom files I do believe are MP4.  The issue there is this is a new problem.  The files used to play seamlessly with the audio and the video matched and then suddenly changed.  I copied this from Zoom's website:  Zoom local recording and cloud recording save recording in MP4 (video), M4A (audio) and txt (chat) formats.

I just checked Debut and it also is an MP4 file.



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