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Blu-Ray burning


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I'm attempting to burn a Blu-Ray disc using Express Burn. I'm using Express Burn on my 2011 MacBookPro OS 10.10.5 and an external burner (Pioneer BDR-XD05S). I'm able to load the files and create a menu. When I click Burn Blu-Ray, it encodes then begins burning. It has failed three (3) times now, giving me the message "Burn Failed insert a new disc and try again?"

When I try to continue, I get the same message, so I have to cancel and start all over. Any idea what's wrong?

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Sorry, but I'm rather put out. I spent good money and the software doesn't deliver. It's also filled my hard drive with temporary files and I can't find the folder to delete them. It would be nice to have someone to actually talk to, rather than have to send an email and wait because I don't have the premium service package or hunt across forums for answers when there aren't any. I have a client waiting and I'd like to give them what they want rather than saying, "Uh, I'm waiting on tech support." Thinking seriously about getting my money back.

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