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1080x1920 or 9x16

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I am totally baffled that Video pad doesn't have an option, standard format to create videos in 1080×1920 or 9×16.   This is the standard format for TikTok some Instagram, some Facebook and many other phone-type apps.    I have sent a minimum of two requests to help desk, and feature suggestions and I get no response from anyone on the topic, it is like some banned discussion.    Does anyone know how to create videos in this format from a standard webcam ?    Does anyone know why such an otherwise  versatile application is Videopad is missing such and obvious capability.  
thank you 

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I am able to do this, but then there are big borders around the images.   It would be best if the recording can be done at this format.  Is this making sense?   then no wasted space or blacked-out areas around the usable image.

BTW I responded by email and was told my email address is not in your system, but I got an email notification from the system at that address.

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Before exporting, a right-click on an image in the bin has a Change Clip Aspect Ratio item.

The effects menu also has several options...   image.png

For example, choose "Crop to Aspect Ratio" and click the chevron to see a drop-down menu similar to the one above.

This forum is peer support - primarily users just like yourself, sharing.  Don't know who emailed you, but chances are it was from a 'no reply' address.

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"......I am able to do this, but then there are big borders around the images......."

If your input video is a 16:9 horizontal clip and you export as Borate describes at 9:16 there will be a 9:16 frame with the 16:9 image across the centre....

LEFT. Original 16:9 clip in VP..                                           RIGHT Exported 9:16 clip.. The whole of this is the clip..

z.jpg         zzz.jpg

There are borders top and bottom but the frame IS 9:16. If this 9:16 clip is loaded back to VP  the image will be seen displayed with black (or grey) to either side as it will be loaded to a 16:9 frame and the areas to either side will be transparent.......


In VLC it will look the same but less obvious as the empty frame to either side is black....


The impression is that the image is surrounded by black which is not the case. This example is with an HORIZONTAL image

What were you hoping to see?




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prosperityconsulting wrote:  See link image is on the left.

No image was posted.  Here's how...

Upload the image source file to a free server, such as Google Drive or MS OneDrive, get a shared (public) link, copy the link and paste it here.  When using Google Drive, if necessary change "restricted" to "anyone with link can view."

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