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Simplified WRITTEN help for simple tunes?

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I would like to use Crescendo to write simple monophonic Irish tunes. I don't need many if not most of Crescendo's excellent features. I need to be able to pick the key and time signature of a tune. I need to sometimes write eighth note triplets, add bars to eighth note pairs, and dotted 16th notes. I've had some luck with adding those bars, and writing dotted notes.

I would like this in written form, not videos. For the most part, I don't like videos on how to do things on a computer. By the time I finish the video I've often forgotten what was shown in the beginning. With a written form, I can hop back and forth between browser tabs and search for what I want to do at that moment. I can even print a hard copy and highlight important points. Thanks


Oh, I did find NCH's PDF help file but it has 'way too much stuff to wade through that I don't need and I can't edit it.

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Hi @Brewerpaul, based on what you've described, you can easily do this by first selecting your desired key and time signature from the right menu bar. Upon clicking, simply hover your mouse to the start of the project/piece.

Once you've set your desired time and key signature, you may choose from any of the note/rest values which can be found on the left tool bar, then place it on the staff, depending on the pitch you want.

If you want to do triplets, place first the three eighth notes you want to form into a triplet. Once the three notes are in place, select the triplet button (still on the left toolbar) then click on the note you want to set as the first note in your triplet.

You may refer to the attached screenshot.


Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 8.04.27 AM.png

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