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Here is how I was able to get DeskFX to work in Windows 10


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Object: Install DeskFX in safe mode as administrator:

1.      Click on Windows 10 icon at lower left and type “msconfig”;

2.      Click on “System Configuration”;

3.      Windows’ "System Configuration" box will appear;

4.      Click on tab named “Boot”;

5.      You will see “Boot options” at lower left;

6.      Click in box named “Safe boot” and click “OK” to boot computer into safe mode;

7.      Find DeskFX install file while in safe mode, right mouse click on it, and select at top of menu, “Run as administrator”;

8.      Install DeskFX in safe mode. You do not necessarily have to uninstall your previous install. If installing over the original install does not work then try to uninstall first and reinstall in safe mode as described above;

9.      Once installed in safe mode as administrator, again click on Windows icon and type “msconfig” and go to Boot tab again and click on Safe boot option again in order to remove check mark;

10.  Reboot;

11.  After rebooting, launch DeskFX. Make sure your sound devices are checked by clicking on DeskFX “Options” and put a check mark in all boxes you want DeskFX to work with;

12.  Now, DeskFX just might work, as it did for me. After you launch a song or whatever you want to hear, turn on DeskFX. If it’s already running you may have to toggle off/on to get it to work.

Best Wishes!

I hope this helps!!

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