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Using 4:3 images in a 16:9 video

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I'm making a 16:9 video with lots of 4:3 images. Some are 3:4, some 16:9 and some are just plain 1:1. Each image should move slowly in the 16:9 video frame. But it seems my images create their own frame inside the video frame. If I want a 4:3 image, it is placed in a 4:3 frame inside the 16:9 video frame. And if I put the imnage in motion, it never goes outside the 4:3 frame, but gets cropped. How can I make it flow freely using the total 16:9 video frame?


Ok, seems I used the wrong effect. Pan & Zoom doesn't move the image outside its 4:3 frame. Motion does.


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  • borate changed the title to Using 4:3 images in a 16:9 video

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