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slider and frame problem


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Red slider line freezes at certain frams yet playback continues until last slide of project, that frame freezes or previous frame freezes cutting the next frame short.

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I chose to clear cache on exit in options, no change, I re-installed program for the 2nd time also with no change, transitioning from a photo to a GIF is hwre the slider hangs up usually, however it stays in the same position in spots where several GIF files are in sucession until the playback reaches a still photo then the slider jumps forward, once playback reaches the last installed frame, that frame stays visible where no media has been inserted, it should turn to black. So far the playback sems to continue as it should, the problem with the slider hanging is that it makes it very hard to edit the next media frame into my project so the timing is where I need it. I have used Photostage Home Version for almost 3 years now and have never experienced a problem like this other than when a new version comes out that I have to purchase. Also I have always created my videos from media stored and executed from an external drive with no problems. I hate to restart my project over again from the beginning, not sure if I need to do that.  I thank you for your input and look forward to any more sigestions you may have. 

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I have already submitted a bug report but will send another if neccessary. I should mention that this version (8.24) was an upgrade for my previous version, it was not a clean stand alone install which, as I understand was not needed.

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