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Unable to merge video tracks


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So I am back at editing a bunch of short videos into a long one.



I dragged a video file into "Video Track 2", but instead of getting into that track, it created its own "Video Track 3" just above it.   When I try to drag that short video from Track 3 to 2, it won't work.    I made sure to delete the soundtrack of the video before attempting to merge them into Track 2.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Thank you


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No problems here with VP 10.32 With or without any audio a third clip can be easily dropped onto Track 2 so it follows the clip already on Track 2. ...........In fact I find it quite hard for it NOT to go to track 2. :rolleyes:

Did you possibly drop it on the black overlay band within the length of the clip on track 2? In which case it will go to Video track 3



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