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File doesn't play properly at faster than 100% in Version 10.08


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I have just had to upgrade to the latest version of Express Scribe as I reformatted my PC.  I previously had Version 7.03.  I need to be able to play videos at 200% to proofread but if I play them any faster than 100% speed, the audio and video are out of sync.  Does anyone know how to fix this problem or if there's a way I can re-install an older version of Express Scribe as I need to be able to use faster speed.  Thanks

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Hi I am new to this community, I have used Express Scribe Pro for many years and have not had a problem with it. I have recently been directed to install new updated version and I am having problems with the playback too. It seems the dubbing is out of sync and I need to speed it up to proofread and I have noticed some of you guys have had the same problem with the video and audio not syncing. Has anyone got any suggestions as technical support has advised me to download an older version and it still isn't working. HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!

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20 minutes ago, gsp_runner said:

This is a possible bug but only Support can confirm. You can try to change playback speed, increase or decrease the speed and see which setting works for you. Go to Options then choose Playback. 

Thanks I will try that failing that hopefully support will be able to resolve its so annoying 🙈

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