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Can you copy and paste attributes in videopad? Also where to get new plugins?


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Are we able to COPY and PASTE the effects of one clip into multiple other clips in the timeline?  In Premiere they have you simply copy the clip you want, then highlight all the clips you want to paste those attributes to and select PASTE ATTRIBUTES.  Is there anything like that in VideoPad?  It would speed things up MUCH FASTER if we didnt have to put the effects into the entire timeline clip - then everytime we make a cut it starts to re-render.  If we can just edit the timeline without any effects such as saturation or brightness, etc it would go much faster.  Then add the effects at the end and drop them onto all the clips in the time line at once.  As far as I can tell, we have to do effects individually for each clip, or we have to do the whole timeline first before we start cutting and again, that seems to slow things down because it is always catching up to render.

Also - are there any places to get good new plugins?  I still have the same ones from the original plug-in pack from about 6 years ago.


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"....Are we able to COPY and PASTE the effects of one clip into multiple other clips in the timeline? ...."


You don't use Copy/paste for this.

  • Place all your clips on the timeline and edit your project.
  • Press down the CTRL key and then left click the clips on the timeline that you want to apply the effect to. These will highlight in grey showing they have been selected.
  • Click the FX box on the first clip
  • Select and setup the effect you want to apply.
  • In  the effects window click the 8th tab along  with FX on it.... Append effect chain to other selected clips.
  • Close the effects window
  • All selected clips will have had the effect applied to them

You can apply multiple effects in the same effect pane,,just press the green + again. The new effect initially will apply to the clip originally selected but  it can be applied all selected clips by using the FX tab once again as described above.

"...Also - are there any places to get good new plugins? ..." 

Try here...



AFAIK Plugins are not designed by NCH, but VP will allow users to load and incorporate them from external sites like  virtual dub.  I don't think NCH guarantee that these will always work. The facility exists in VP to load up and use companion programs from NCH like Debut/Prism/Photopad etc. but plugins per se are are different. The stabilizing feature is a plug-in .. Deshaker from virtual dub that is now part of the software.




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In the future, multi-effects may become more of a copy/paste process.

In addition to Nat's suggestions, after effecting a single clip, select others to which that effect is to be applied, right-click in the video track and APPLY LAST USED VIDEO EFFECT.

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  • borate changed the title to Can you copy and paste attributes in videopad? Also where to get new plugins?

AWESOME !!!!  Thanks Very Much.  Also, Kudos to the developers who seem to have fixed the problem with the "slowness" of the program.  I have had the problem for many years of it being SO SLOW (and definitely not my computer as I also do Premier and After Effects).  But this most recent version of VideoPad seems to have fixed it completely and it runs much smoother.  GREAT JOB !!!!  I am using VP much more now than before - it's been great. 

One recommendation would be if we could go back to the WHITE SCREEN as opposed to the new darker scheme in recent versions.  The lighter screen made it easier to view when highlighting clips in the timeline as well as pinging back and forth between other programs.

But again - just a minor suggestion.  Otherwise, thanks again for the suggestion as I will try it out and Great Job by the VP team on this newest version !!!

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Recent releases, especially the 64-bit, show significant improvements in large/complex project handling. 

Click the chevron at the top-right of the VP window to file a suggestion.

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